A Chance to Cover Up, Reality-Style

Considering that some of the best tattoos I have seen over the years (check some of them out here), the following casting call would seem to me certainly compelling for anyone looking to cover up an old, unwanted tattoo:

Spike TV - Open Casting Call For Tattoo Competition Reality Series!

Are you sick of your faded, old tattoo and ready to cover it up with something brand new?

If so...try Spike TV!

Our new tattoo show, “InkMaster," is looking for people who want to be a human canvas for the top-notch artists competing on our show...and we NEED PEOPLE WHO WANT COVER UPS!

We are bringing together some of the BEST tattoo artists in the game for “InkMaster,” and we’re looking for people who want to be their next canvas! If you’re 23+, in the tri-state area (New York/New Jersey/Connecticut), email us at with a description and a recent photo of yourself, along with an idea of the tattoo you want and why. You must be a New York area local, as interviews and filming will take place July & August in the NYC area.

“InkMaster” is produced by Original Media, the production company behind “LA Ink,” “NY Ink,” “Miami Ink.”

~ ~ ~ ~

I say, what have you got to lose? The concept of the show is certainly intriguing and, if you're unhappy with that old tattoo, why not try and improve it?

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