Amy Winehouse Will Live On in Andrea's Ink

Back in June, I met Andrea on Penn Plaza in Manhattan and she shared this tattoo:

This is, of course, Amy Winehouse, whose death was just announced yesterday. Andrea, who has this inked on her upper right arm, says she had this done "in the style of Monet". The artist was "Mad Dog" at Studio 33 Tattoo on St. Mark's in Manhattan.

When I asked Andrea why she got Winehouse tattooed on her, she replied, "she has such amazing talent" and professed her admiration for her as an artist.

The tattoo art is based on a painting she had found online, and she selected it to add to her collection of approximately twenty tattoos.

In hindsight, it seems almost haunting that I photographed this piece on June 22, a month and a day before she died. We here at Tattoosday are saddened by her passing and can only wonder what art will never be created because she died at such an early age, like so many other talented musicians whose struggles with addiction cut their lives short.

Thanks to Andrea for sharing this tattoo. I hope that her ink gives her strength as she bears this tribute to Amy Winehouse for everyone to see.

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