Going Ape for Josean's Ink

Earlier this month, I met Josean, who was sitting waiting for a downtown express train at the 72nd Street subway stop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Josean is pretty much covered in tattoos (70-80%, by his best estimate) and so I sat down to talk to him about his work.

As it turns out, he is currently the piercer at Powerhouse Tattoo Company in Montclair, New Jersey. Work from the artists at Powerhouse have appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Josean offered up this colorful baboon tattoo on his left forearm:

At the center of this piece is the monkey that screams out from his arm:

Josean likes monkeys and figured this design would "look cool for a tattoo." He's absolutely  right. This was done by Juan Salgado, a great artist in Puerto Rico. Josean worked at Senzala Tattoo in P.R. before moving up to Powerhouse.

Thanks to Josean for sharing his awesome ink with us here on Tattoosday!

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